What is Scientific Sales Solutions?

Due to an unanticipated family medical situation, the December shows are cancelled.  We will update you once we have have more information on this event. You may reach out to me for additional clarity on the situation.

Cal Froberg

With over 20 years in the Life Science Industry, our mission is to help researchers and suppliers achieve their goals by providing a range of services that brings value to everyone involved. By understanding the needs of the bench scientist, the individual sales representatives and the business needs of their respective organizations, S3 is able to offer a suite of services to help everyone do their jobs better.

Our experience in sales, marketing, operations and “on the bench” enables S3 to effectively determine what value needs to be delivered. As your trusted partner, we will strive to understand your individual needs and will diligently pursue the solution for that need. Our services include product show events, consulting, sourcing and recruiting. With our extensive network of resources across the scientific marketplace in both industry and academia, S3 will exceed your expectations.

  • Product Shows

    Product Shows

    For Research Organizations

    Let S3 help your purchasing staff and research teams see the latest products/technologies and compare values between suppliers at a single on-site event. S3 will coordinate with your staff to determine the best area to host the …

  • Consulting



    • Strategic & Tactical Planning
    • Sales Channel analysis
    • Meeting facilitation
    • Territory reviews and plans


    • Strategic & Tactical Planning
    • Marketing Communication plans & mix
    • Web site content
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Branding strategies


    • Competitive Analysis
    • Costing/Pricing Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Process Improvement

Who are our customers?

Our customers are comprised of many of the leading laboratory supply and service companies, as well as smaller niche companies with novel technologies and products. We pride ourselves on bringing a wide variety of different companies and technologies to our events, giving everyone involved a better overall experience and ability to meet the researchers needs. All customers

What institutes do we work with?

S3 focuses on a variety of the leading research institutes in the US. From universities to government organizations to commercial research companies, the institutes that we facilitate events at are leaders in life science research. All institutes

happy clients

Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson

“I have been a vendor at countless S3 shows over the years, and it is always a pleasure working with Cal and S3. I am continuously impressed with the planning and organization that goes into each show, as well as the customer turn out and follow up lead list. The S3 shows provide access into secured accounts that are otherwise difficult to visit. I look forward to working with Cal and attending the S3 shows for years to come!”
Greiner Bio-One

Chris Hebel

Chris Hebel

“There are a few companies that produce vendor shows at research institutions in Texas but I always choose to go with S3 when possible. Cal does a great job of promoting the shows and attendance by key decision makers is always high. I feel I’m getting more value with S3 as their costs are substantially lower than the others with better return. On more than one occasion, Cal has made room for LC Sciences at otherwise full or invite only shows.”
LC Sciences

Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers

“I have attended shows with S3 for about 3 years now. S3 coordinates shows that provide easy access to otherwise inaccessible customers for a reasonable price. Cal and Tracey conduct themselves professionally and are prompt in providing generated leads after each show. The connection that occurs at these shows between vendors and customers has led to enhanced customer relationships and increased my sales numbers. I highly recommend S3!”
Harlan Laboratories


Ric Sugarek

“I attend the S3 shows whenever I’m able. These are well advertised shows, with other quality vendors, and they are timed with consistency throughout each location. The attendees are familiar with the shows’ format, and genuinely interact with vendors, and have actively sought me out due to my attendance. S3 also pursues new venues in order to provide vendors with new access to research sites, and the leads are always provided quickly and consistently.”
Integrated DNA Technologies

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