Sep 15 – Texas A&M Bio/Bio West Campus; 10:30 – 1:30; College Station, TX (WAITLISTED)

Sep 15 – Texas A&M Bio/Bio West Campus; 10:30 – 1:30; College Station, TX (WAITLISTED)

We had a record turnout at this event thanks to the help of the BGSA. We look forward to supporting them this February with their recruiting weekend and poster competition.

This show caters to all of the researchers on the West Campus which include all of the animal and plant science departments, the Medical School research departments in Reynolds as well as the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics. At the Texas A&M Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics faculty and researchers explore diverse scientific problems under the umbrella of biochemistry and biophysics, but also include genetic, cell, molecular biology, and genomic approaches. The Department also hosts research centers that focus on structural biology (the Center for Structural Biology) and phage technology (the Center for Phage Technology). The department hosts faculty and researchers engaged in addressing cutting edge scientific questions and training the next generation of biochemical and biophysical scientists with the support of dedicated and enthusiastic staff members.

Highlights of our department’s growth and accomplishments include:

Research funding has doubled across the last 10 years
Research grants have increased nearly three-fold in the last 6 years
4 NSF Career Awards to junior faculty
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Accreditation

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