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S3 coordinates and organizes on-site research products shows throughout the US. Our shows are no-hassle events since we take care of all the details making it easy for you, the vendor, to do what you do. We promote heavily via email and on-site marketing ensuring that the events are well attended by the right prospects. Even more, we don’t split or share cost for food, tables, etc. You pay one flat fee that is easy on your budget. Why pay significantly more for average results? You will be pleased with the results that S3 delivers.

For Research Organizations

Show Flyers

Let S3 help your purchasing staff and research teams see the latest products/technologies and compare values between suppliers at a single on-site event. S3 will coordinate with your staff to determine the best area to host the event and our staff takes care of the rest. Additionally, we will work with you to see that the event is promoted within your organizations guidelines, minimizing distractions while maximizing the opportunity to learn about tools to help them better perform their job. We can also arrange for TechTalks, technical seminars, from many of our vendors giving your researchers technical content to help them with their research goals.

SciberShows can also be held for your organization or association giving easy access to a virtual event. These events are hosted entirely on-line. With today’s technology, your staff can interact with their sales representative or application specialist via chat or other web-enabling technologies during the event. In addition, scientist and technicians can access a library full of product information from video demonstrations, technical papers and other product information. These events can be left “on demand” for a period of time allowing additional access for those who were unable to attend or need additional information.

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For Vendors

Vendor Booth

S3 product shows are designed to give your sales organization what they need – quality leads at organizations that can give you the sales growth you need. The shows are designed to give your sales staff the environment to foster relationships with current and prospective customers. S3’s mission is to understand the needs of the research organization and match it with the most appropriate vendors based on S3’s long standing understanding of the industry and marketplace. We understand what it means to invest in show activities and what type of return is needed to justify the expense in these activities. Based on this understanding, our goal is to only have events that are going to deliver the metrics that your sales and marketing organization expects. Our shows are designed to be easy to execute and to deliver the ROI your organization expects for their investment.

Scientific Sales Solutions aims to be the leader in its category. Our SciberShows are a clear example of our understanding of today’s business and technology environment. With increasing budget restrictions and the ever increasing pressure to continue to grow sales, our virtual shows offer a revolutionary solution to this issue. S3’s SciberShows allow your sales staff, product management or anyone else in the organization the opportunity to interface with current and prospective customers in targeted institutes in a virtual environment. This enables your sales organization to interact with individuals that, for a variety of reasons, are unavailable for the traditional product show events. Whether they can’t get away or are geographically inaccessible to events or any other reason, statistics show that virtual shows deliver greater participation vertically and horizontally within the intended audience. Talk to us about how you can participate in one of our SciberShows today.

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