SciberShows are virtual events that provide the same benefits and experience that  “bricks and mortar” events do plus some.  With today’s increased bandwidth and computing power, virtual events are more and more accepted.  SciberShows can be stand alone events or held in conjunction with a physical trade show or conference.  Many industries are turning to virtual events to broaden their reach in today’s tight economic environment.

Here are some benefits to SciberShow virtual events:

Broader reach of attendees.  Many individuals may not be able to attend a physical event due to workload or budget restrictions.  Virtual events see increased participation because they take place right from the desktop.

Better access to collateral such as marketing brochures, technical papers, video seminars, product demonstrations, etc.  Virtually no limit to the type of materials that can be made available to attendees.  Plus no need to print or ship.  Attendees simply download what they are interested in into their virtual briefcase.

Improved booth coverage. Your organization can have anyone help support the booth since there is no travel cost so now product management, technical support staff or even your CEO can interact with attendees through chat or voice over IP.

Better metrics on your prospects.  Since attendees must register to gain access better metrics such as contact information and areas of interest are instantly obtained.  Additionally attendee specific interests during the event such as what booths they visited, talks they attended and files downloaded are captured.

Events are accessible after the “live” event.  Studies show that many people access the event after the scheduled live event either to revisit areas of interest or because they were unable to attend due to schedule issues.  Since the event can be made available ‘on-demand”  fewer opportunities are lost.

There are many more benefits to SciberShows than listed.  To schedule a demonstration or to discuss your interest in hosting or participating in a SciberShow event contact Cal Froberg.

Still wondering, read this:  USA TODAY Virtual Event article.

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